Gold League Features

$30 for SIX MONTH subscription
View Past Seasons
Season dropdown added to league page which allows for navigation between previous seasons. View leaderboard and game history for all past seasons.
Automated Game Emails
Automated game reminder emails to your players. Reminders can be scheduled to be sent week (Monday) of and/or day (Morning) of scheduled games.
Game Message Board
A discussion board for each game. League admin and players can post messages on the league page. Board refreshes anew when each game is completed.
Tournament Timer
Tournament timer integrated into league page. Set up custom blind schedule and optionally record game results live within timer.
Private League Option
Disable the public from viewing your league page. Choose a passcode to give to your players that brings up your league page.
Logo and Colors
Leagues admins can upload a logo to their league page. Admins can also choose from a range of colors to apply as a theme to their league page.